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When considering the need for additional space in your warehouse, the best answer may very well be a new warehouse mezzanine. Something s to consider, do I have the space to add on to my existing building? Is the building owned or leased? What are the tax ramifications of building on to my existing building vs. a warehouse mezzanine? What issues do I need to consider when looking purchasing a mezzanine. Lets first consider the issue of adding on to your existing structure, Assuming you have the exterior space, In most cases building on will cost more than adding a mezzanine, adding on to your existing building will most likely be tax deductable over 30-39 years, the use of a pre engineered all bolt together mezzanine may qualify as equipment and be deductable over 7 years. When adding to you building the construction time and employee disruption can last for months most mezzanine installations take only a few days with minimal disruption. The building adds on will require additional Heating and cooling, the space the new warehouse mezzanine will occupy is already conditioned. If I add on and the space is leased and I need to move I lose the investment but I can unbolt the mezzanine take it with me and reassemble without loss. Let’s consider the mezzanine floor due to the fact that the options are considerable and the discussion on the advantages, disadvantages of each not to mention the more exotic materials, I will simply give you the most popular mezzanine flooring materials and go into the flooring in detail in a later article. So you must first choose if you need closed or open flooring. The most popular open flooring is Bar-Grating. The most popular closed flooring options are Wood/B-Deck, Diamond plate or smooth plate with or without B-Deck and concrete.

Please contact you accountant for any deprecation clarifications and to see how they may apply to you. I am not an accountant. Consult you warehouse mezzanine manufacture or consultant engineer to help you select the proper flooring.

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Warehouse Mezzanines

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This article was published on 2011/04/27