Successful Thoughts Create Success - But What Do You Really Want?

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I just returned from yet another weekend seminar where the attendees came to learn how to start or improve their businesses. Hundreds of business owners (or wannabes) hoping for that magic bullet of success.

I always make a point of talking to as many people as I can when I'm at events like this. First, I want to extend my network but I just love discovering what makes people successful. You see, in my business as a home building coach and mentor, I deal with people who have a very specific goal in their lives ... the building or remodeling of their own homes.

A Well-Defined and Fixed Goal

I'm constantly amazed at what people can accomplish. Building your own home is no simple task! Working with clients who have never built or remodeled before and seeing them craft their dream, implement strategies, stay the course and eventually move into the home of their dreams is just an incredible rush for me and the whole process is very revealing.

How do these "rookies" do it? Well, to be sure, they get help. But, it's so much more than that. They have a vision. They know what they want. They know where they're going. They have a clear, fixed goal before their eyes.

Only a Quarterback Can Hit a Moving Target

Let's get back to the seminar. At these events, I find so many people that struggle trying to achieve success. Frankly, we all struggle from time to time, depending on what aspect of our lives we are dealing with in business or in our personal lives.

The people I meet that are the most successful have the clearest goals. The ones who struggle the most just don't know what they really want. Each new idea that sounds promising becomes their new mission. Their target constantly moves. This is a recipe for disaster.

Only a football quarterback can consistently hit a moving target.

Successful Thoughts Must be Harnessed and Corralled

Just like my home building clients, you simply *must* know what you want, where you want to go, and focus your thoughts on that goal. Is it that simple? Well, if the success of my clients tells me anything, it confirms it as truth. It's the one consistent factor that is common to all of them.

They may have troubles, they may have temporary failures, they may get bogged down, delayed, frustrated and at times feel helpless, but they don't abandon their goal. They don't change their target. They're focused ... pure and simple.

Your Take-Away

Know what you want and think about it constantly. Soon you'll start believing it's yours and actions will naturally follow. I don't know if you could call it a magic bullet for success, but I'm not going to say you can't. It works!

It works for my home building clients and it'll work for you too.

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Successful Thoughts Create Success - But What Do You Really Want?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27